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Welcome, my name is Justin

I live in greater Seattle and I create websites that blend functionality with vivid aesthetics. Thank you for checking out my web portfolio.

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<coder>  and  Designer

Yes, clean code is critical but we also want it to look great, right? Check out my graphics work.

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Why the forest theme?

Glad you asked! I was inspired to merge two of my passions... web design with the great outdoors.

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Outside the cubicle

I also have a life outside of HTML5 and CSS3. Check out what else I like to do...

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Welcome, my name is Justin.

I live in greater Seattle and I create websites that blend functionality with vivid aesthetics. I am constantly being inspired by the ever-changing web and pride myself as a continual learner. So please, take a seat, get comfortable and get a feel for my work. Thank you for checking out my web portfolio.

My Work

Image showcasing So Bazaar website


So Bazaar is an event put on by the City of Redmond that provides an imaginative platform and market for local artists, artisans, chefs, and entertainers to share their gifts with the Redmond community. I was assigned the responsibility of concepting the artwork and developing the website and other various marketing marterials.

Image showcasing CoreChair website


The folks at CoreChair have created the latest and greatest ergonomic solution to sedentary sitting. This new product nestles the body into its natural, intended position and encourages building a healthy core, even while sitting all day at your desk. In late 2014, they were looking to re-create their website into a responsive and more interesting design.

Image showcasing the Redmond Lights website


Redmond Lights is a winter event that celebrates diverse holiday traditions, cultures, and faiths along a one-mile long luminary walk. It's a magical experience that is enjoyed by nearly 15,000 participants each year. One of my favorite tasks is to redesign this site and produce accompanying marketing materials. My goal is to encapsulate the festivities while incorporating the latest design trends. With the 2014 design, we decided to go with a long, single scrolling page as opposed to a traditional site with several pages.

Image showcasing Derby Days website


A long-time tradition in the City of Redmond, WA, Derby Days is a summer celebration that includes a Criterium bike race, live music, parades, great food and much more. As the web manager for the Parks and Recreation department, I have the privilege of creating and maintaining our event websites. What I enjoy most about this site is the challenge of interpreting and then manipulating the event artwork into the design of the site. In this year's event, I used the balloons to create the homepage navigation.

Image showcasing Box Basics website


Box Basics is an online retail store based out of San Francisco, CA that sells shoes, apparel and equipment to crossfit athletes. Also built in shopify, I have customized various layouts and navigational elements to enahnce the customer's experience. Look through the slideshow for product galleries, a lightbox feature and a custom navigation menu.

Image showcasing the Soc Top website


The Soctop is a creative apparel design dreamed-up by my friend and former co-worker, Jaime Greene. She created this item from its very beginnings and now sells her Soctops via the web. She came to me for help and I encouraged her to look into Shopify (a convenient and efficient cms platform for e-commerce). She decided on one of the more basic theme selections which allowed me to piece together a look & feel that fit her market and clientele. I used html, css and jQuery manipulation to put it all together.

Image showcasing THARS international website


Trauma-Healing and Reconciliation Services International (THARS) is a non-profit organization that supports relief and rebuilding efforts in Burundi, Africa. Once connected with John Braun, Executive Director of THARS, I volunteered to build his organization a new site from scratch. This was my first opportunity to complete the web design process from beginning-to-end. From interviews and wire frames, to layout and publishing, THARSinternational.com has become a fully-finsished product that is now in the regular maintenance and upkeep mode. I was most proud at the time to have created a photo gallery with lightbox features (as seen in the slides).

Image showcasing desktop, iPad, and iPhone displays for justinbrewer.com

Personal Web Portfolio

Yes, this is the site you are currently looking at. This site serves to display my resume, experience and skillset. My goal is to highlight responsive design (try narrowing your browser window) in a creative and yet easy-to-use structure. I hope that you like it!